Thank you ladies!


Thanks for checking us out!

Seeing pages such as “Knockers for the Troops” and “Booties for the Troops” we were left wanting more, ran by deployed Soldiers in Afghanistan with restrictive internet, few of us get to actually see anything past restrictive clothing.

So we decided to create “Get Nude for the Troops”, seems a lot of people do it anyways, so why not show off for all us troops that are over here with no ‘excitement’ in our lives.

Please feel free to shoot us an e-mail of you.
Don’t show off your face, unless you really want to. You never really know who’s looking, and you don’t want that drama.

Also, feel free to shoot us a “Facebook sexy pic” so that we can throw it up on our profile. All those “good” photos will get thrown up on our Tumblr where posting them is not going to get us in trouble.

Thank you all for the support, and to those men and women deployed and/or just in the Service in general. Thank you for all that you do.

Shoot us some pics: